Campground & boat slips
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Camping Season
April 15 - October 15

Speed limit is 5 MPH for all vehicles.  This includes golf carts and ORV'S.  Please inform your
guests before they arrive & have them check in at the office when they arrive.  We have a lot
of children in the park & we need to keep them safe. :)

Registered campers are responsible for the conduct of their children, guest, and pets.   Please do
not cut through other camper’s lots.

Campers or guest who willfully or negligently defaces, injures or destroys property or equipment of   
Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips or of other campers, will be held liable for the full value
and may have their camping permit revoked with no refund.

Pets must be on a leash at all times.  No visitor’s pets are allowed.  No pets are allowed on the beach.  
Vicious animals or persistent barking will not be tolerated.  Clean up any droppings from your pets.

The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.   Anyone caught using or possessing illegal drugs will be
told to leave immediately and all camping permits will be permanently revoked without a refund.

Fireworks are not allowed in the campground or marina area.  Sparklers may be used on the 4th of July
only with adult supervision.

An adult must supervise children.  They are not allowed to play in or around the building with restrooms
or the storage building by the tent area.  Children under 18 will be at their own campsite or with their
legal guardian by 10:00 p.m.  No bike riding after dusk and no children allowed at the beach and marina
area after dark without an adult.

Showers are for our tent guests only.  Please use the shower in your own unit.  Washing machines and
dishwashers are not permitted.  Major appliances are not to be kept outside of camping unit.

Dumpster is for BAGGED, ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD TRASH ONLY!  No building material auto
parts, appliances, furniture, carpet etc.         

Campfires are allowed in designated areas in campground only, not in the marina area, and must be
kept to a reasonable size.  All fire ring sizes and location must first be approved by Sportsman Park
Campground.  Make sure your fire is extinguished and do not leave trash in your fire pit when you
depart.  It blows all over our park.  Only Firewood may be burned.   No plywood, leafs, or treated
lumber are to be burned.

There are to be no changes made on water, sewer, or electrical fixtures.  Water hoses and electrical
cords must be in excellent condition and must be disconnected when leaving for an extended period.

Campers are responsible for cutting the grass on their lot and keeping their unit & lot neat, clean &
safe.  If you do not keep your grass cut it, will be cut for you and you will be charged a fee.  A notice
from Sportsman Park Campground will be placed on camper’s door if and when it becomes necessary
for campers to water the grass on their lots.  Campers will leave their lot in the same condition as they
found it.  Sportsman Park Campground employees will do any trimming or cutting of trees if needed.  
Do not place any nails or screws, etc. In trees.  There is a lawn mower available, located at the office,
for your use.

Campers must receive prior approval from Sportsman Park before constructing any decks, sheds,
porches etc.  No structures are to be of a permanent nature.  Any digging to secure these structures
is strictly prohibited.  Size of sheds and decks must be approved by Sportsman Park Campground.

To prevent damage to our underground utilities, digging or driving down things like stakes or poles
is strictly prohibited without approval from Sportsman Park Campground.

Quite time is 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.  Stereos, radios, TV’s etc. should be at a reasonable level at all
times, so they do not disturb neighbors.  Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.  We reserve
the right to tell anyone to park any vehicle at quite time, which we feel at our discretion, is disturbing
to others.        

All operators of vehicles (including ORV’s and golf carts) must possess a valid driver’s license.  All
vehicles must stay on designated roadway.  In and out use of ORV’s and golf carts by campground
patrons is permitted.  All other ORV’s and golf carts are not allowed in the campground.              

Boat slip rental agreements, camping permits or campsites are not transferable.  Camper agrees that if
for any reason they no longer camp with Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips (by choice, eviction
or termination of camping permit) that they will be responsible for removing all their personal property
including decks, sheds and camping unit from Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips within 30 days.
Camper also agrees to reimburse Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips any cost incurred by    
Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips for removal of camper’s personal property including decks,
sheds and camping unit if personal property is not removed within specified time of 30 days.  

Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips will not be held responsible if damage to camper’s personal    
property occurs during the repair of utilities, removal of trees or the trimming of a tree.  Camper will be
responsible for any cost incurred to move their property, which Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips
deems necessary to move in order to perform the repair, tree removal or trimming of tree.  

The parking area by the field is for guests and overflow car parking only.  No boat, jet ski or utility trailers
are to be parked in this area.  Due to limited parking in the campground guests’ trailers, boats, jet ski or
utility trailers must obtain a daily visitor pass.  Please notify the office before the day your guest is to arrive
so arrangements can be made.  We reserve the right to refuse entry based on available space.  DO NOT

Downhill traffic to the water must yield right of way to uphill traffic.  No bicycles or motorcycles are
allowed on the road leading to the water.  Only one car or truck per permit holder is allowed to the beach
area at one time.  Due to limited parking space, boat trailers must not be left parked at the water or in the
parking area.  No guests are permitted to park at the water.

To minimize erosion, no one is allowed to climb on or play on the sand hill and the rocks at the water.
To prevent injuries, an adult must supervise children under 12.  No rope swings are allowed along the
water, no swimming around docks, no running on docks, and no jumping or diving from docks.  No
bikes, skateboards, roller blades/skates, scooters, etc. on docks.

Boats may not be left unattended at boat launch or the emergency dock.  Only one boat per boat slip is
allowed. The emergency dock may be used for drop off and pick up.  No lifeguard is on duty at any time.
Everyone swims at his or her own risk.

Seasonal Campers will furnish Sportsman Park Campground & Boat Slips before access is granted to
Sportsman Park Campground and Boat Slips a copy of liability policy covering all know and unknown
hazard (subject to standard exclusions), arising from the acts or omissions of the camper entering into
the Seasonal Camper Agreement and the camper’s guests.  Said policy will be for an amount not less
than $300,000 for each accident for bodily injury and property damage.   A copy of this insurance must
be on file with the office to obtain a camping permit.  Cancellation of the insurance will void your camping
permit and you will have to remove your camping unit without a refund of any camping fees.  Campers are
responsible to provide a new copy of the insurance to the office when they renew the policy.   

Camper will indemnify and hold Sportsman Park Campground and Boat Slips, Property Owner and   
Property Owner’s property, their agents/employees as well as Consumers Energy free and harmless for any
injury to or death of any person, including camper, or for damages to property arising from camper using or
occupying the rented lot and/or boat slip or from the act or omission of any person(s), including camper, in
or about the rented lot and/or boat slip arising from any activity that was conducted with the camper’s
express or implied consent.  Camper agrees to hold Sportsman Park Campground and Boat Slips, Property
Owner and Property Owner’s property, or their agents/employees a well as Consumers Energy harmless for
any claim, damages or injury to camper, or any other person, or to any property (including trailers and
boats), occurring on the premises or any part thereof or in common areas thereof, unless caused solely by
Sportsman Park Campground and Boat Slips’ negligence.  Additionally, camper agrees to hold Sportsman
Park Campground and Boat Slips, Property Owner and Property Owner’s property, their agents/employees
as well as Consumers Energy harmless and not seek subrogation for liability arising from loss, damage, or
injury caused by fire or other causality for which insurance is carried by camper, under a policy that permits
waiver of liability, to the extent of any recovery by the insured party under the policy.

If you would like to have a family member or friend use your trailer when you are not there, they must be 21
years of age and pay the regular camping fee of $35.00 per night.  You will be responsible for the electric
used during your guest’s stay.

Campers and their guest will comply with all rules.  Any infraction of any of these rules could result in the
immediate cancellation of all permits the removal of their camping unit, personal items and boat along with
the forfeiture of all fees paid.  No refund policy - all fees
including deposits are non-refundable.  

If you sell and remove your trailer during the camping season and do not plan on putting a different trailer on
the site to camp with us, you forfeit the use of your campsite for the rest of the year without a proration of your
camping fees.

We reserve the right to change, add or modify any rule at any time.

(231) 689-6496   (616) 662-0841